Yay or Nay ???
Written by: Pana • June 5, 2009
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Todays topic is Wax Strips vs Wax Kit. So I usually get my waxing done at the spa, but since I am trying to become more recession savvy on top of already being budget consicous **dead** (anymore and I’ll have to be a nail tech/waxer/hairdresser) :o/ .

Ok so I tired the wax strips first, I tried them on my bikini area BIG mistake!! Now not trying to boast but I have good hair (ROTFL) and that shit would not budge :ol (where they do that @). Next I tried under my arms F is for FORGET ABOUT IT !!! The hairs there grow in so many different directions making it almost impossible to use the strips in the area. So trying it is pointless. Finally I tired my legs which I never wax and they worked YAY :o) . The main thing that I didn’t like about this product is that you have to rub the strips in your hands to warm them up.

Then I tried the wax kit to see it can work better on my unruly hairs :o/ (dead). No that shit didn’t work. That shit is so messy!! The wax spillied all over my fucking bathroom floor >:o/ !!!
The clean up was so long and wax is nearly impossible to clean up arrrgghh ! So a matter of fact I am done talking about this product. Not only did it not work it but it caused me two days of clean up.
My Overall Assessment :
Wax Strips – cost about $7 compared to the spa price of $25 and up for legs. I would recommend this product for legs only because they save you about $20 a month. So this product get a thumbs up YAY .
Wax Kit – costs about $12 as oppose to the spa price of $50 and up bikini wax. I say DON’T try this at home folks !! This product gets a thumbs down Nay !
Until my next product disaster Ciao,

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