Wine Down Wednesdays 
Written by: Pana
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Last night I had a pleasurable conversation with a great man by the name of Haneef Wynn he runs a social mixer where you can network with other professionals as well as promote your business. The energy I received from the hosts was very touching. I loved the vibe I felt a connection they were very welcoming. I will not pretend that I wasn’t super nervous, it feels awkward to be put on the spot. One thing I learned recently is you have to put yourself out there. This platform has really taught me a lot about myself. I was busy trying to do what others thought I should do or what they thought was good for my business instead of walking my path.  I say this to say when you experience people who really care about what your thoughts and dreams, and are willing to help in any form by assisting you with those dreams please nurture that relationship. People come into your life for a reason. It was my pleasure discussing my purpose with Haneef & Latavia. Their spirit renewed my faith, and encouraged me to keep pushing I am getting closer to walking in my purpose. Please check out the video link below.


WIne Down Wednesdays w/ Guest Pana


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