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Written by: Pana • April 22, 2011
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 DIY Gifts Ideas
One of my favorite girls turns 8 yrs old next week. Autumnis having a slumber party with 4 of her friends One day I came across some cute items in Target and I wanted to do something fun and thoughtful.  Hello Kitty is classic what little girl or woman have you ever came across that does not like Hello Kitty?! lol. Here are the items I decided to put inside of the gifts bags. Each item cost around $1.99. Plus bags and paper.Originality Priceless ! Happy 8th Birthday Autumn !


  • Bath sponges in pink or purple 
  • 2 lips glosses
  • Nail polish in glitter w/ stickers (bday girl has pink polish)
  • Compact mirror
  • Nail file


This Autumn’s actual gift I hope she likes it ;o)

Ciao Bellas,


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