Ques Hora Es ?
Written by: Pana • May 5, 2009
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Emporio Armani Skeleton
“Meccanico” Watch

Kenneth Cole Polyurethane
Strap Watch $225

Micheal Kors Oversize
Chronograph Silver 44mm

The other day my home boy Boris (aka Beef Patty) said that he couldn’t find a watch that he liked. I asked him what kind of watch he was looking for etc and how much he wanted to pay. Of course I already knew the answer when he said “like $200 dollars” I’m like you gotta all the way chill lol. I laughed then I told him you get what you pay for the suggested that he up his price a tad bit ( a tad for me is a minimum of $200-300 more in his case). Boris is real regular dude he is also my co -worker. Everyone knows I’m very picky so I picked the watches that I thought he would like and now I would like your thoughts as to which watch Boris should buy.

Thoughts ????

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