Positive Vibes 
Written by: Pana • January 2, 2016
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? my spirit and facial expressions do not allow me to pretend! I constantly peep shade, but I am vibrating too high to catch it so I let it fall where ever, because it is irrelevant to my life and growth. But most importantly, I do not give a fuck especially if it is not said in my face. Be aware of how your “friends” “family” “lovers” make you feel when you are around them. How is your energy? Did you wake up feeling full of energy and now after seeing/talking with them you feel tired etc? …… Listen to your inner voice you know what is up people can only pretend for so long and if they hide things from you usually it means they know they are doing something they are not proud of at your expense. DO NOT TAKE ANY PERSONALLY. Usually when the vibes shift a light bulb goes off, do not ignore it ??. Some people have a special gift and that you can’t teach ?. Only seeks relationships that vibrate you higher and if people cannot be there for you in your darkest hours, that is not the vibration you should seek ?. I hope this helps someone and touches them ? P.S if you do not like my posts and we know/not know each other please feel free to unfollow it is that serious and there are no hard feelings your are not obligated to be here ?? Wishing everyone ?&✨✨✨✨✨

Ciao Bella,


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