My Skin Care Regimen
Written by: Pana • July 21, 2015
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 I would like to take a moment to talk about the products I use on my skin. Of late people have been complimenting me on my glowing skin. I trust at least some products if not all will help you achieve this effect (boyfriend not included lol)

I begin with my facial cleanser (not pictured I am still trying to find one I love) and pair it with my Clarisonic cleansing facial brush to get all the dirt and pollution from a long day. Follow up by using an astringent to aid in preventing acne and blackheads. I solely use my astringent at night because I find using skin astringent twice a day can leave your skin a little dry. I wash the remaining product with warm water, then apply Burts Beez brightening even tone moisturizing cream. I apply my Laura Mecier tinted Moisturizer in Tan to even out my skin tone and give my skin a bit of a glow it also has SPF so it protects your skin from UV rays. If I am doing this regiment in the morning I only apply my Simple Cleansing Micellar Water to freshen my face, it cleans without being harsh no soap is needed. You do not have to wash this product off and it does not contain alcohol so will not dry the face. This is a new product I have added and I love it. I am new to the Micellar water movement and after researching it and reading reviews I decided to buy it to try it out. By the stroke of luck, I saw that Simple has come out with an affordable version the waters can be priced upwards of $70. After a hot shower, I have to make sure my skin is thoroughly moisturized because I have really dry skin. I am obsessed with skin care products for dry skin. I use Palmers Raw Shea Balm, I have been utilizing this product for years now and as long as they continue to make it I will purchase it. It smells amazing non greasy keeps my skin hydrated all day. I get Brazilian waxes so I utilize the European Wax Center ingrown serum and their skin exfoliate it is good for preventing ingrown hairs. The exfoliate is not harsh because it is not a scrub. If I am wearing my hair curly or I get a roller set at the salon I make certain that I always deep condition my hair I use Silicom Mix deep conditioner I love it! It leaves my hair soft, glossy and smelling great. I have been using Agadir Argan Oil because I need to utilize a product that will moisturize my hair without wearing it down. I have not found anything more respectable and non alcoholic. It also smells amazing, so your boyfriend will most definitely compliment you on your hair. I use the  Johnson & Johnson soap to clean my make up brushes, I used to buy mac  brush cleaner but I found that this product does the same job and is more cost effective.
I possess some other products that I am doing some trails on. I will keep you updated when I have compiled all reviews, etc. hopefully one of these great products will make it into your household. I am always open to suggestions so please let me know what products you enjoy.
Ciao Bellas,


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