Long Hair Don’t Care
Written by: Pana • October 18, 2011
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I have decided to let my hair grow it is cut in layers even though you can not tell from this pic and sits about mid back. Let’s see how long it gets by Feb. I have been thinking about cutting it for my Bday who knows. I usually dye my hair but I stopped last year because I haven’t found a color that inspires my if I do then I won’t cut it lol. My boo likes it straight so this one is for you Besos.



2 Comments to “Long Hair Don’t Care”
  1. I personally feel depending on the thickness of the natural hair shaft, I’d cut accordingly to that. I’m not sure if color has ever damaged your hair for emergency cuts but it’d be a nice Hair Diary for LBM =)

  2. Pana says:

    Nope I take VERY good care of my hair and I have been coloring since High School. No damage! I just want a change. I have a cut in mind. I feel as though I make very good hair choices.