Got Kicks ???
Written by: Pana • April 28, 2009
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I was reading Fortune Small Business (yes people FORTUNE step ya game up) and I came across an article on a sneaker store in St. Louis.(it was more than one page wow). The store was called RSole and it sells exclusive sneakers. RSole is the first store of it’s kind in St Louis. Before that New York and LA were basically the only places that sold exclusive sneakers. Before RSole opened in May ’06 Barry Pener, 49 (the owner) ran a 35- store chain called Man of Fashion that was started by his grandfather.Now Man of Fashion is a division of Pener’s umbrella company D.B. Pener (dude is baaaalliin in my Jim Jones voice). About 4 yrs ago he noticed that customers wanted a more exclusive look. He flew to NY to look at retain designs, and found a store called Michael K in Soho. (I loved that store when I was in college). He contacted the firm Tobin 7 Parnes who designed Micheal K. “He says the design sets his store apart from a regular shoe and that attracts customers” I agree. All they need now is a damn website! I aint flying to St Louis lol j/k.
Dare to be different !!! Much ReSpEcT
If you are in St Louis please check out :
6662 A Delmar Blvd
St Louis, MO 63130
Cost $$

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  1. supreme. says:

    i wish i could see that shit.