Food For Thought: An Evening of Creative Empowerment
Written by: Pana • November 25, 2019
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On Tuesday, November 5th,  the Apollo Young Producers Club hosted an evening of intimate conversation and networking for young professionals. This was one of the many programs that the collective of Apollo Theater Academy Alumni host to foster a space for young creatives to share their talents and meet professionals with insights into the industry. Hosted at the world-famous Apollo Theater, Food For Thought provides a unique framework for fostering community, building relationships and showcasing the different talents of young people. 

Throughout the evening, we engaged in a series of discussions about popular culture and lifestyle questions that created a common sentiment for facilitating the discussions for the evening. Not to mention, the food was on point and definitely one of the many highlights of the night!

The event also featured a wide array of professionals who are pushing the culture forward and making strides in their fields as well. We had the pleasure of meeting other young creatives who are in the process of understanding their purpose and figuring out the ways in which they can walk into it. Over a delicious spread of food for the soul, a series of conversations took place in which we shared in each other’s experiences and learning from the professionals at each table. Throughout the night, we were able to converse with Paula T. Edgar Esq. who is an attorney and a Partner of Strategy Solutions LLC., consulting and Carra Lynette Wallace who is the founder and CEO of Optimized Diversity Solutions.  After learning about their work within their field, the conversation of how they have navigated their journeys to their purpose was insightful and powerful. 

The conversation about diversity and inclusion is especially important in talking about creating opportunities for women of color. Spaces, where we can share these experiences and gain a collective insight on how to walk in our purpose, are crucial to fostering a path that we have created for ourselves. One of the takeaways from this wonderful event is that wherever we go, in whatever space we inhabit,  it is important to let our light shine to its full extent. 

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