Fashion Friday
Written by: Pana • November 20, 2015
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Hola Bellas,

I am awake perusing one of my favorite blogs and I come across this outfit choice for a date night or dinner with the girls.I do not know if it just me but I love getting dolled up and sexy for the person I am interested it. on the other hand I really do it for myself it is such a confidence booster. The only item I might replace depending on company is the lipstick I think a red or orange lip would bring the drama to a sexy outfit like this. I am going to recreate an affordable version of this outfit this weekend when I attend dinner. I will post where I purchased the clothing from and what brand that I am wearing that is already in my closet. This is my first time writing about recreating an outfit I have seen somewhere so do not be too hard on me lol. Just in case you were wondering I am going add a La Bella Life spin on it by adding a pop of color (blame the latina in me lol). So now we have the foundation to the perfect knock-him-dead when he picks you up outfit. Some times men ask us out then waits until we get in the car to reveal that we have no destination (porque smh lol) but this is where your skills are put to the test. Afterall you do not want to waste this bangin outfit right?!

Rule number 1 : When you are home board search some of the restaurants you see people on social media are dining at in your city or cities that you frequent. Once you check out the menu and ambiance then you can determine if you would like to try this restaurant or lounge out.  Then simple the restaurant to your address book and wepa you are set for a date night. (I highly recommend acquiring at least three venues to be on the safe side)

Rule number 2 : Make sure you have an after dinner spot for a night-cap and just to converse and unwind after eating preferably with great music and drinks so a lounge would be perfect. Or if your friends or partner dances then dancing would be a great way to listen to some great music and  burn some of those calories you have accumulated during your dinner feast. (who goes out to eat salad let’s be real)

Rule Number 3 : Always bring a pair of flats and leave them in the car especially if you really enjoy the persons company (nights tend to last longer if you have really good chemistry with your company for the evening)  that way you can rest your feet and walk into your home comfortable instead of kicking your shoes off in the car, massaging them, them putting those fire starters back on and suck it up until we walk in the house. Every woman knows which of our shoes does this lol.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a recap of how I recreated this outfit for dinner and a review of the restaurant. I do not know if I am doing something after but I do think a lounge after dinner would be appropriate. Until tomorrow…………….

Ciao Bellas,


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