Dating 101 Tips for *Men*
Written by: Pana • August 31, 2009
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  1. Do not think because you paid for a meal, I am entitled to sleep with you. As a matter of fact let me break it down, if a woman wants to sleep with you she will let you know thanks :o/
  2. Do not disrespect by trying to grope (*please see # 1) women. Touchy feely when you first meet is usually frowned upon. (be easy) . Ninja we don’t know you take it slow. If you call women bitches etc.. you need not apply. We want real men not little boys trying to act out what they see in videos.
  3. Do be upfront. Women like to have a choice if you have a girl/wifey just say what it is. It prevents future problems trust! Lying is unattractive I do not care how much $$ you have. You shouldn’t take away peoples choice. *In the end you wonder why you got Jazmine Sullivan ‘d* Ha !
  4. Do take it slow. The first couple of dates is all about getting to know the person do not invite me to your house ninja or invite yourself over, If I want you over I will invite you. If I want to come over I will ask :o/ . Listen intently and you will great a great deal of likes and dislikes. If you need help with date ideas please refer to my archives for a previously written blog on Dating Ideas. (I will also write a follow up very soon).
  5. Do not I repeat do not ask a woman on a date if you do not have enough $$ to pay for it. (that is if the date requires $$)
  6. Do be yourself I do not want to meet your representative, because I will sue you for false representation. j/k lmao.
  7. Please note that chivalry is not dead. Do open doors, for a lady. Pull out her chair at a nice restaurant. Open her car door as well. This blog caters to women not girls who want to be treated as Queens there for treating our men like the Kings they are. That puts you ahead of the class (pun intended) :o)



This is a two part blog more to come. Don’t worry fellas I will have dating tips for females as well because we know some women do not act right lol. (but none that read this blog) ;o)




2 Comments to “Dating 101 Tips for *Men*”
  1. stacie-ann says:

    u probably could really sue a person for not being themselves on a date, betchu somebody done tried. =] the power of the almighty dollar. love the tips, guys should carry this in their back pocket.

  2. JS says:

    Thanks for the info Pana. A reminder on how to act.

    My father always told me, “no romance without finance.” lol

    A man isn’t inviting a woman over to watch a movie if he’s got anything else on his mind besides sex. Back when I was semi-out there I only did that with women I had no intention of spending any sort of time with besides trying to get some. :/

    I haven’t been on a date in forever and a day. My time is too valuable to waste with a lady that I don’t enjoy learning about. My first “dates” are always something like meeting up at a bookstore, a trip to a park, museum, coffee shop, etc. I’m not doing anything I don’t enjoy or could potentially do by myself. If a woman is only kicking it with me to get a free meal, she’s going to have to wait a while before she gets fed.

    I also tend to get along best with the independent type of ladies that will want to take me out after I’ve taken them out. lmao

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