Cavoda Vodka
Written by: Pana • April 24, 2012
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Cavoda Pink

Cavoda Vodka

My own drink called Pana Pink made with Cavoda Pink

I had the pleasure of tasting a new brand of vodka called Cavoda Vodka. Cavoda Vodka was started by Christopher Limauro, Milan Schwartz & Jack Vincent. Cavoda Pink is a mix of strawberry, raspberry, nordic berry, & pomegranate it delicately ignites the taste buds with a spark of unique flavor. Cavoda Vodka brings a provocative taste and finesse to even the most sophisticated palette. I have tired cavoda pink in a couple of different cocktails and I have enjoyed every combo, not only is it sweet and has an alluring bottle which lights up and it is smooth in taste which is a major plus because I am NOT a big drinker. Check out some info on Cavoda Vodka :
” Accent your style and swagger with the most charismatic vodka on the scene. Innovation that was born in France and inspired by the elite nightlife in the trendiest cities in the United States,  Cavoda Vodka is the vodka equivalent to luxury and the pulse of pop-culture. Cavoda is an exquisite fusion of past and future, a symphony of innovative design and timelessness. Cavoda’s allure is not only in it’s provocative design, but also in it’s impeccably smooth, sophisticated taste. It is the World’s First Illuminating Bottle of Ultra Premium Vodka that assures it’s clientele will be highlighted amoungst any crowd. “
I will be hosting a girls night and other events featuring Cavoda Vodka so make sure you email me your email address so you can be apart of this movement. Grab some let me know if you liked it or not.

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If you are interested in buying Cavoda Vodka please email me or call Lucky @ 323-252-4585 for more information.



2 Comments to “Cavoda Vodka”
  1. A.Vyshea says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of tasting the Cavoda Pink. Though I’m not a fan of any berry flavored alcohol, mixed with the right thing it will blend well. Thus allowing you to capture a smooth suculant taste. I look forward to tasting the Blue.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I cant wait to try this drink at Lucky’s party.