3rd Annual Coquito Masters Northeast Regional Taste – Off
Written by: Pana
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This weekend I had the pleasure of being on the of the judges at the 3rd Annual Coquito masters Northeast Regional Taste-off held by the International Coquito Federation. The event was hosted at the Puerto Rico Federation Administration.

Coquito Masters is an annual contest that began in NYC where contestants from the tri state area compete to determine the Coquito Master of the year. This year we are expanding chapters to MA and CT.

DSC02311 DSC02312

Let the tasting begin all the contestants did an amazing job the coquito was excellent. I can not wait until next year I am going to ravel with them what they are doing is amazing. I attended the event with my friend Chris he also helped me judge. I thought he would be a great judge because he is Puerto Rican.

DSC02318 DSC02319

pics of contestants and runners-up.


Coquito for those who don’t know is like Puerto Rican egg nog with sabor!!! RUM, coconut, condensed and evaporated milk, vanilla, cinnamon and a whole host of other ingredients that are guarded family secrets. Coquito Masters is a project of the International Coquito Tasting Federation whose mission is to promote coquito as a culinary delight! The contest started when a family friend and coquito supplier of the founder passed away and she found herself without a recipe or coquito! What is a girl to do, but host a contest in her own living room with friends and family! What a blast. Now 10 years later there are members, community and institutional hosts for qualifiers, a Coquito Crawl and even a movies in the works. Known as the Coquito Contessa, Debbie Quiñones (pictured above)  travels to promote coquito and coordinate contests with the goal to take coquito around the world.




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